The Warrior Institute is a grassroots organization utilizing a multifaceted and innovative approach to awaken the “warrior spirit” in our youth to actively pursue wellness, balance, and world renewal. Established in 2011, the Warrior Institute is currently an affiliate member of the not-for-profit Seventh Generation Fund. We have established early success by embracing the wisdom of the old and best of the new, while integrating physical, mental, and spiritual practices that cultivate true warriors with the drive, skills, and inspiration to lead us forward in a good way. Our implementation model is based on mentoring, leadership, and hands-on service learning experiences within a context of inter-generational, inter-tribal, and inter-cultural activities. Within our Health, Culture, and Outdoor Pathways, we have a diversity of activities and curriculum offered in our Fitness, Food and Farm, Traditional Skills, Arts, Language, Mountain, and River Programs.


Our Mission

   Our mission is to awaken a new generation of young leaders with strong bodies, minds, and spirits empowered to create health, economic equality, environmental justice, and world renewal.


The Challenges

   Humanity is now facing ecological, psychological, physical, spiritual crises. Youth today face a multitude of problems, from declining health to declining job prospects to loss of contact with nature. These problems can be especially acute in Indigenous communities, were the legacy of colonization and oppression is like a cloud of darkness. Our Indigenous communities are facing a crux of health problems from obesity, diabetes, cancer, drug addictions, low self-esteem, depression, suicide, lack of job prospects, loss of traditional culture, neglect of elders, domestic abuse, bullying, theft, jealousy, and small minded thinking. While many youth rise above these challenges, many more do not. For better or worse, the youth of today are the future tomorrow.


The Solutions

   Here at The Warrior Institute, we believe that empowering our youth to be of sound body, mind, and spirit is the most effective way to transform our Indigenous communities into vibrant centers for health, happiness, prosperity, and culture again. We know the ancient practice of world renewal can occur through renewal of our youth, who will grow to be the leaders of tomorrow. We understand this type of upstream social intervention, embodied by the Warrior Spirit, is the best way to for the problems we face to be overcome and for the light of a new day to shine the darkness away.


What is the Warrior Spirit?

   By awakening the “Warrior Spirit” in ourselves and each other, male or female, we will be empowered to overcome all obstacles in our way. The Warrior Spirit represents the highest virtues of humankind and motivates us to take mindful action. The Warrior Spirit provides the courage to sacrifice the things that hold us back from our destiny of realizing our fullest potential and achieving greatness through dedication, skill, and service.


Our Ancestors

   We believe our ancestors were as healthy as any people in the history of the planet, with practices that included pure, natural foods and daily training of the finer physical, mental, and spiritual aspects of life. Everyone had a purpose and belonged to a family, and to their Tribe. Our people walked and lived in nature everyday, were connected to the spirit, and understood the importance of balance, reciprocation, and renewal. This lifestyle contributed towards self-sufficiency, longevity, fulfillment, and helped sustain a healthy environment.

   We can get there again with mindfulness, leadership, and right action. We need true Warriors that will help lead us into this age of renewal by looking to the wisdom and lessons of our past for answers; leaders who will draw upon our ancient practices, the insights of modern science, and the best of cultures from around the world to help us navigate through the coming changes and challenges facing our world. The closer we can get to the old ways, the better it will be for the new way that is emerging on the horizon of this new day.


Shared Vision

 We share the vision of new generations of true Warriors who will grow to be pillars within our communities and who will positively influence the next seven generations and beyond. These leaders will be able to communicate, organize, and be advocates for their families and communities and be just comfortable in their traditional culture as in the modern ways. This synergistic benefits of this will spread across the valleys, up the mountains, and down the rivers.

 When faced with struggle, they will accept the challenge, reflect, organize, take right action, and overcome with enthusiasm.

Our youth with have a foundation of K’imaw (balance, medicine, wellness); they will be K’iwinya’n-ya:n (acorn eater, Native people), who are Xoji (real, genuine, true, spiritual). Our young Warriors will exhibit the highest of virtues to serve as role models and inspiration for people of all cultures. We envision our people will again be among the healthiest on the planet. We envision our Warriors leading a resurgence of renewal for the entire world.


 Warrior Institute has developed this “Shared Vision” with community leaders, professionals, educators, advocates, Tribal Governments, endowments, non-profits, businesses, and cultural bearer-practitioners-mentors. We are ready to successfully meet the challenge of expanding and sustaining our programs in order to unleash the full potential of our youth and people for generations to come. We envision our organization flourishing, achieving our mission, rejoicing, and spreading our programs across the land from coast to coast.