Within the context of the Warrior Institute’s core model of inter-tribal, inter-cultural and inter-generational mentorship and hands-on service learning, we achieve our mission through program-specific activities and curriculum. 

As the Warrior Institute expands and spreads into new communities and regions, these program areas can be customized to the culture, environment, and needs of the communities we serve.


Health is the foundation of wellness. Physical health supports mental and emotional health, which allows us to reach our fullest potential. This requires being of sound body through wholesome eating and exercise.

Our Health Pathways are comprised of the following programs:


The Fitness program is a foundational component for Warrior Institute. The physical body is the foundation of existence and having healthy body allows for expression of the full potential on the mind and spirit. Exercise and sport will address the many health issues that we face today, and will help us heal. Being physically fit, as much as possible within one’s genetic makeup, allows maximizing one’s ability to be of service to their family and community. Being a true Warrior means being ready to take right action at any time, which requires being physically fit. Scientific studies have shown a strong correlation between physical fitness and energy levels, and one’s mental health and outlook on life.

The Warrior Institute gym, Hupa CrossFit is an affiliate of CrossFit. We facilitate an array of healthy activities, both modern and traditional, from basketball tournaments, to stick tournaments, to organized runs, and other fitness activities. Hupa CrossFit currently offers teen and adult classes  year around in the Hoopa Valley Indian Reservation.  CrossFit Kids (ages 5-12) will soon be added to our services.



Being healthy and physically fit requires not only exercise, but proper diet and eating habitats. Unfortunately its all too easy to gorge on cheap processed food and our health and wellness are suffering because of it, as evidenced by rampant obesity, diabetes, heart disease, and other life-style ailments.  Indian communities today are often food deserts with a great deal of food insecurity, hunger, and food related illnesses. Our ancestors were healthy and fit in large part because of traditional diets consisting of pure, natural foods.

The Warrior Institute Food Program is based promoting traditional native foods (gathering, processing, sharing, and consuming) and healthy cultivation, preparation, and consumption of a diversity of whole foods. Core to this is our education farm, Native Suns’ Farm, that grows diverse crops using bio-dynamic and organic techniques to increase access to such foods and provide training, education, and inspiration for our participants and supporters. Warrior Institute trips and activities feature fresh, high-quality, healthy, whole foods, providing a diverse menu and well-balanced meals that demonstrate our commitment to health and attention detail.